Elections 2024: Satta Bazars predict NDA coming to power but falling short of ambitious 400 mark

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As the hype for the election season is about to reach its pinnacle, punters are busy wagering on the June 4 outcome. It is worth noting that the Indian satta bazaars have accurately predicted the outcomes in the December 2023 election season including a BJP comeback in Rajasthan.

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However, satta bazars have no good news for BJP this time. While BJP is expected to reach the magic figure on its own, betting markets predict BJP falling short of ambitious 400 number and losing out few  seats in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh where it swept in the 2019 polls.

Interestingly, the total seats for BJP predicted for BJP have come down in recent weeks. The number came down from 328 to 302 after the first phase.

Satta bazaars are predicting INDIA group gaining few seats in North India and maintaining strongholds in the South.

As per current numbers, a tally of 400 seats for the NDA will fetch Rs 4-5 for every rupee bet, implying that the punters here believe that the BJP is unlikely to win 400 seats on its own. A tally of 350 for the BJP on its own looks likely with the odds stacked evenly.

Satta Bazars are expected to revise the numbers based on the exit poll estimates linked to second phase polling.