EOW Chhattisgarh exposes former police officer in Mahadev App online gaming scandal

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The Economic Offences Wing (EOW) recently exposed a secret online gambling operation associated with former police officer Arjun Yadav. This revelation stemmed from suspicious transactions amounting to 3 crore rupees detected in Yadav’s bank account, along with the seizure of a Toyota Fortuner SUV. Further investigation revealed a network spanning from Kolkata to Sri Lanka. This is an additional update on the ongoing arrests linked to the Mahadev app.

As reported by Patrika, Yadav, along with his brother Bhim Singh, formerly employed by the Durg district police, faced dismissal due to allegations of extorting money from visitors to the Mahadev Book app in exchange for protection. Yadav was arrested on May 9th in Pachmarhi, Madhya Pradesh, and remanded into custody for interrogation.

Authorities stumbled upon evidence implicating the management of over 200 bank accounts linked to illegal transactions, primarily associated with the Mahadev Book app. The transactions originated from various locations, including Kolkata and Sri Lanka.

Yadav’s WhatsApp messages provided crucial evidence, revealing his involvement in orchestrating fraudulent transactions through bogus accounts under the guise of the gambling operation. He confessed to overseeing more than 20 Mahadev Book panels, with active operations in Sri Lanka and Kolkata.

A specialized team has been dispatched to Kolkata for further investigation, while the Central Home Department has been notified of the gambling activities in Sri Lanka. Efforts are also underway to ascertain the assets and properties connected to Yadav and his relatives.

This entire case creates a disturbing situation between corrupt law enforcement officials and criminal syndicates in the online gambling world, prompting authorities to remain vigilant in uncovering the full extent of this illegal enterprise and ensuring justice for those involved.