Gambling and betting arrests across Delhi and Hyderabad puts more than 40 in jail

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The Delhi Police busted two gambling rings and booked 40 gamblers, according to police officials. They also seized over Rs 4 lakh in Bindapur, a neighborhood in Dwarka, where one of the raids took place.

The police received a tip-off about some people who were planning to gamble at Vani Vihar in Uttam Nagar, according to Deputy Commissioner of Police Harsh Vardhan. A total of 17 people were arrested during the raid.

The DCP said, “They were found making bets on playing cards. Investigation revealed that the owner or kingpin of the gambling racket, identified as Manoj Jindal, was residing alone at his home and was running a stationery shop at Vikas Nagar, where he suffered a huge loss.”

The Delhi Police busted another gambling ring on Thursday night in South Delhi’s Dakshinpuri, where 23 people were detained from a house that was being utilized for their gambling operations, according to officials.

In another instance, three individuals allegedly connected to an online betting gang were arrested in Hyderabad during a joint operation between the Shahinayathgunj police and the Commissioner’s Task Force.

The arrested individuals were identified as Vikas Agarwal, Mahendra Patel and Rajendra Patel. During the bust, the police seized a total of Rs 12 lakh and four mobile phones.

The three people arrested are believed to be members of an organized betting gang, according to Gummi Chakravarthy, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Task Force, Hyderabad South Zone. He also said that seven other members of the gang are still on the loose.

Vikas Agarwal, the main suspect, experienced financial difficulties and created a strategy to make quick money through online betting on cricket games. Chakravarthy said, “He came into contact with Mahendra Patel and Rajendra Patel (other gang members). They colluded to organize online cricket betting to make easy money to eliminate their fiscal woes and fulfill their lavish desires. They started organizing online cricket betting through web applications like Radhe Exchange Goshamahal.”