Gaming startup Hitwicket teams up with Harsha Bhogle to enhance global cricket gaming

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Hitwicket, a gaming startup, has announced a partnership with renowned cricket commentator Harsha Bhogle. Bhogle joins the company as a strategic investor, indicating a new chapter in Hitwicket’s journey towards global expansion and innovation in cricket gaming.

The collaboration is about bringing together Bhogle’s great cricket knowledge with Hitwicket’s innovative gaming platform. This will give cricket fans all over the world a cricket experience. Hitwicket, founded in 2015 by Keerti Singh and Kashyap Reddy, has been steadily growing in the gaming industry with its strategy-based virtual multiplayer cricket game.

As reported by Inc42, Bhogle’s investment, which remains undisclosed, is an extension of Hitwicket’s previous funding round led by Prime Venture Partners in 2022. With Bhogle onboard, Hitwicket aims to increase its global reach.

In a statement, Hitwicket CEO Kashyap Reddy expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, highlighting Bhogle’s role in driving the company’s content marketing efforts. Bhogle’s involvement will see the creation of social media videos where he will break down historic cricket matches and discuss match strategies, enriching the gaming experience for millions of users worldwide. With this strategy, Hitwicket aims to achieve 50 million downloads within the next two years. Bhogle’s contribution is expected to play an important role in achieving this target.

Speaking about his partnership with Hitwicket, Harsha Bhogle expressed excitement about the potential to enhance India’s profile in the mobile cricket gaming industry. “I’m looking forward to Hitwicket’s potential to be the Made in India cricket game that unites India with the rest of the world,” said Bhogle.

As Hitwicket sets its sights on global expansion, the collaboration with Harsha Bhogle highlights its commitment to delivering cricket gaming experiences to fans worldwide.