Graphic India to expand market presence with game launches on Roblox

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One of India’s leading character entertainment ventures, Graphic India, is spreading its wings in the gaming domain with the launch of its first game on the renowned global online gaming platform Roblox. The CA Media-funded company is planning to launch a total of five games on Roblox, a platform with an estimated 178 million accounts.

Graphic India, the character entertainment company specializes in creating superheroes, comics and stories, catering to the Indian audience, especially in the younger age brackets via mobile and digital platforms. They are currently producing 200 episodes of animation content across TV and digital platforms, in association with some heavy hitters like Disney and Amazon.

The company’s founder, Sharad Deverajan, revealed that it was a perfect opportunity for them to unearth the creative prowess of the talented creators in the country, thanks to Roblox’s unique platform. Sharad also revealed that the games will be free to play as they aim to upscale their reach by partnering with global brands.

Roblox to take our IP to global audience, says Devarajan

“We focus on creating great characters and stories that transcend mediums and platforms across films, comics, animation, games and more. The Roblox platform is the perfect fit for us because it creates an amazing opportunity for all storytellers and content creators.

We are betting that Roblox will play a powerful part in exploring the future of immersive storytelling, especially for India’s massive 650 million digitally-connected youth market. With 66 million global daily active users and a thriving ecosystem of developers to create and launch relatively fast and cost-effective experiences, Roblox becomes a perfect conduit to take our IP to a massive global audience,” Graphic India founder Sharad Devarajan told Economic Times.

The company will release their first game, ‘Superpower Simulator: Chakra’ on May 4 and will be launching four more games in the future, with two of them in production and scheduled to be released later this year. It is worth noting that the company, which aims to bring a character entertainment revolution in India, raised $1.1 million in pre-seed funding in 2022.

“In addition to this first game, ‘Superpower Simulator: Chakra’ releasing May 4, we have two more in production for this year and two more in development for next year,” Devarajan further said.