Grey Games, a Kannada movie explores online gaming addiction and its consequences

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Grey Games, a Kannada language Film released on May 10 is receiving positive reviews for its unique attempt to address online gaming addiction and it’s consequences.

The thriller-genre film manages to keep the audience hooked to the big screen, except for certain screen lag.

Grey Games starts with the mysterious murder of a person identified as Julie Fernandes. The Karnataka police identify that an online gamer with the user name, Red Hunter, has been brutally killing teenage gamers over gaming rivalries. Those killed include the son of the Home Minister. The police close the case of Julie linking it with Red Hunter who gets killed in custody at the behest of Home Minister.

Abhi (Jai Gopinath), the 20-year-old son of a wealthy parents Sridhar (Ravi Bhat) and Tara (Aparna), who also happens to be Julie’s boyfriend, begins acing mental issues after Julie’s death. His parents reach out to Dr Ram, portrayed by Vijay Raghavendra, a popular psychologist.

What happens next. Will they find the real culprit and it’s linkage to metaverse is the movie all about.

It is worth noting that in 2016, ‘Blue Whale Challenge’ often called the “suicide game”, created by Philipp Budeikin, a former convict in Russia, in 2013 has reportedly claimed the lives of over 130 boys and girls in India, the US, China and other countries and may have been an inspiration for the plot.

The present movie could have been shortened by 15 minutes to make it a bit more interesting. Jai manages to make an impressive debut. Vijay Raghavendra’s new look and his realistic portrayal of the character makes it impressive.

Bhavana Rao, Ishita, Sruthi Prakash, have played supporting roles. Varun’s cinematography and Doleshwar’s background music is an added advantage to the film. The film premiered at IFFI last year.