Gujarat: Father kidnapped by gamblers after son loses Rs 5 lakh in online gambling

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Illegal gamblers running an online gambling racket abducted the father of a gambling addict named Kevin, who took a loan of Rs 5 lakh from them and lost it all on online gambling.

Kevin’s father, Ratibhai Jivanbhai Manavadaria, owns a plastic factory and lives in Vraj Apartment on Adarsh ​​Street near Trambadiya Chowk in Upleta. The father was kidnapped to extort money from the son, who lost it on online gambling.

According to the report from Zeenews, the kidnappers picked up Manavadaria near a veterinary clinic on Kolki Road in Upleta in a black car. Manavadaria was later beaten up near a hotel in Supedi village of Dhoraji taluka on the Porbandar National Highway.

The individual has filed a report of physical violence against the kidnappers, identified as Kamleshbhai Bharai, Vivek and an unknown person. After the police started the investigation of the case, there was a shocking revelation. The kidnappers are also challenging and threatening the police.

The authorities have been unsuccessful in taking down the online gambling establishments operating under the name of Yantra in various towns and cities of the Rajkot district. While investigating the kidnapping case, the police uncovered another gambling ring.

While the police are working on these illegal online gambling groups, offline gambling is also prevalent, with two arrested in Vadodara after they were caught betting on the India-Australia one-day cricket match.

The police seized Rs 5 lakh from the raid and arrested Vishnu Kachhia and Zakir Ghansi. The raid was done after the police received a tip-off about the two gathering in front of Sangam Hotel and betting on the cricket match.

During the interrogation, both gamblers revealed that Gopal Vanand, Ravi Shah and Hitesh Waria were also involved with them. The police are currently on the lookout for them.