Hyderabad techie ends life due to pressure from loan recovery agents

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A young techie addicted to online gaming ended his life on Wednesday at his home in Jammikunta in the Karimnagar district of Telangana. It is believed that he took this due to pressure from recovery agents of a loan app demanding repayment of his debts, reported the Times of India.

Karthik (26), who worked for a Hyderabad-based IT company, was found dead by his parents when they returned home from a trip to Tirupati. They discovered a message on his phone indicating that he had borrowed money from various sources, including a loan app, and was harassed by recovery agents.

Karthik had returned to his home in Jammikunta at his parents’ request to accompany them to Tirupati. However, he chose to stay back when his parents left for the trip. On Tuesday, Karthik called his father requesting Rs. 50,000 while his parents were away. His father questioned the need for such a large amount and assured Karthik they would discuss it once they returned.

However, by the time they got back on Wednesday, Karthik had taken his own life.

Police have begun an investigation based on the messages found on Karthik’s phone. These messages reveal the threats from the loan app’s recovery agents demanding repayment.