Jalandhar: 10 arrested for gambling, Rs 1.9 lakh seized

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A total of 10 people were arrested for gambling in Jalandhar on Monday by the Criminal Investigation Agency (CIA) staff of the city police in two different incidents. The police seized a total of Rs 1.9 lakh which was used as stake money in the illegal gambling activity.

The first incident took place at Abadpura Mohalla when the police received a tip-off about some people allegedly betting heaving sums of money in a house. After receiving the news the police raided the house of Ashwani Kumar. At the house six people were caught gambling red-handed by the police and were arrested. The arrested persons were identified as Ashwani Kumar, Amit Kumar, Jatinder Singh, Paras, Vikas Chhabra and Saurav Dheer.

This was the second time a raid at Ashwani Kumar’s house happened as prior to this on October 7 another raid took place when eight people were caught gambling and a total of Rs 63,550 was seized. Currently, a case under sections 13, 3 and 67 of the Gambling Act has been registered against Ashwani and other accused.

Meanwhile, another incident took place in Amar Nagar where Ashok Kumar, a sub-inspector in charge of the CIA staff, conducted a raid at the house of Brij Bhushan. Four people were caught red-handed in the house and a case under same sections 13, 3 and 67 of the Gambling Act has been registered against them, too.

Cases of illegal gambling have been on the rise in the country. However, a lot of effort is also made by the police to stop them. A big bust occurred in Jaipur recently. The betting ring busted was operating from the Sawai Mansingh cricket stadium. A total of 37 bookies were arrested and 70 mobile phones seized. According to the police the accused were broadcasting the match 30 seconds earlier and the bets were made according to the broadcast.