Jharkhand Police seizes illegal lottery tickets worth Rs. 9 lakhs

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Pakur district police uncovered a secret operation involved in the illegal printing and distribution of lottery tickets. The raid, conducted on Monday, resulted in the seizure of items related to the operation.

As reported by Times of India, authorities rushed in on a household situated in Anjana village under Muffassil police station, where they confiscated 13,950 lottery tickets valued at ₹9 lakh. Additionally, two printers, one laptop, and a cutting machine were among the seized items, all of which were allegedly instrumental in the unlawful production and distribution process.

This operation marks action against the illegal gambling network operating within the region, signaling the efforts of law enforcement agencies to control such activities. The authorities urge citizens to report any suspicious behavior or activities to aid in the ongoing efforts to maintain law and order.

Pakur Superintendent of Police (SP) Prabhat Kumar revealed that the raid was a result of diligent investigative work. An FIR has been filed against eight identified individuals, along with several others who remain unidentified, under various sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

The operation on the illegal lottery racket comes amidst a series of recent law enforcement actions targeting various criminal enterprises across the nation. From politics to stopping drugs and terrorism, officials are working to ensure public safety and adherence to the law.

As investigations into the illegal lottery operation continue, the Pakur district police are determined to dismantle any further attempts to undermine the law and exploit unsuspecting individuals through illicit activities.