Kolkata: Police issues lookout notice against suspected kingpin in E-Nuggets fraud gaming app case

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The Kolkata police have received more intelligence in the E-Nuggets online gaming app fraud case after interrogation with Amir Khan who was arrested in the previous month by them.

Police have now issued a lookout notice for Shubhojit Srimani, who is considered as one of the partners of Amir Khan in the fraud case. According to the police Shubhojit Srimani is a Dubai-based businessman and was operating the E-Nuggets application from abroad. He is absconding since the arrest of his partner Amir Khan on September 24.

Earlier this week, the Enforcement Directorate (ED) had seized a crypto wallet containing 77.6 bitcoins (Rs. 12.83 crore approx.). Prior to that, a large amount of cash (nearly Rs. 18 crore) has also been recovered from the house of Amir Khan’s father. The police also raided the office from where the whole scam operation was taking place and found various computers connected with remote access and several ATM-cum-debit cards and laptops.

Shubhojit Srimani is suspected to be the main partner working from abroad and transferring the money overseas in bitcoin form via different banking and online wallets. He is also dubbed as the mastermind leading the gang that started the fraud with the E-Nuggets gaming app. Together, they scammed the people by first winning their trust with providing good returns in the E-Nuggets gaming app and when people started investing large sums of money they made their move and stopped withdrawals.

The E-Nuggets app was not an authorised service and when the large amount of money from the investors was received, the servers of the app were wiped clean and no access was given to the investors to withdraw the money. The proceeds were then distributed to different accounts and wallets to transfer overseas but the ED tracked and froze those accounts promptly and arrested Amir Khan.