Konnect Worldwide Business Media concludes first edition of India Gaming Conclave

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Konnect Worldwide Business Media concluded India Gaming Conclave (IGC) 2021 in India. At its first digital edition, the conclave focused on discussions around – the future outlook and vision for the new decade, global and domestic trends, opportunities and the potential that the India has to disrupt the gaming industry.

The IGC 2021, witnessed participation from industry stalwarts, gaming gurus, change-makers, growth agents, entrepreneurs and disruptors, who took the stage to share insights, learnings, and expertise. This event was supported by JAB Cloud India, MediaTek, POCO India, Zupee, Hunter Games, Velia.Net and TechARC, amongst others.

In addition to the keynote addresses by industry experts, the conclave delved into four in-depth knowledge sessions, curated around key topics including: Gaming with a purpose: a new paradigm in modern education and cognitive development; How 5G: Cloud gaming and innovations in devices and smartphone technology will revolutionize gaming in India; Gamification – a powerful tool to engage, monetize and grow revenues in e-commerce and payments; and Understanding a Gamer and innovations in gaming infrastructure in India and for India.

I am honoured to be a part of the India Gaming Conclave, an excellent platform to witness disruptive technologies and be a part of effective conversations and exchange of ideas that are shaping the industry. India is one of the biggest markets for mobile gaming had has seen rapid growth in recent times. There is a need to build a sustainable ecosystem for the domestic gaming industry. Consumers are increasingly demanding more from their devices leading to cutting-edge innovations and R&D. MediaTek SoCs are power-packed with incredible technology for lag-free gaming, video, connectivity and power efficiency to enable a longer and immersive gaming experience,” said MediaTek India director corporate sales Kuldeep Malik.

Poco India country director Anuj Sharma further added, Right from its inception POCO has been delivering high performance devices. We continue to maintain that focus and our partnership with MediaTek is further improving  the performance to price ratio for the gaming community. The smartphone gaming market has exploded in the last few years and is witnessing a rapid growth thanks to competitive games especially in the Battle Royale genre. We see the experience around P2P getting better as 5G is going to make a massive difference to the ping rate and bandwidth available for gamers. In fact during the recent launch of POCO M3 Pro 5G, we were able to demonstrate network speeds of 800+ MBPS taking the gaming performance to the next level.

“While India is the second-largest online market in the world with around 700 million internet users, more than half of its population still has to be covered with high-speed data connectivity. Even with the current Internet penetration, online gaming surged in India to command 17per cent of the global market share of installs volume in 2020. The phenomenal rise of online gaming means that it could be the face of the digital India dream. The Indian Government has been remarkable with its digitalization initiatives such as Digital India, PM Digital Saksharta, the Jandhan, Aadhar, and Mobile (JAM) trinity, playing a pivotal role in bridging the digital divide and bringing better e-governance. But to become a trillion-dollar digital economy by 2025, we need all growing digital sectors, especially sunrise sectors like online gaming, to be protected by progressive and supportive policy frameworks that protect our homegrown nimble-footed startups that are generating revenue and creating employment. For any sector to innovate, there is one simple thing that all stakeholders look at – a policy that is stable, predictable, pro-investment, and allows for innovation and disruption. Perhaps, for the first time in modern history, India finds itself leading the world market of emerging technology with limitless potential and applications. We should do everything to retain this edge and stamp India’s position as a leader in the global tech-led innovation segment. At the same time, the Indian gaming startups can reinvent India for the rest of the world by creating games that reflect the history, culture and heritage of our great nation,” said Zupee chief corporate and public affairs officer Dr Subi Chaturvedi.

Hunter Games, founder and CEO, Dushyant Saraswat said, “I would like to congratulate Konnect Worldwide Business Media team for organising such a relevant and insightful event. We at Hunter Games, are always driven by the challenges and excitement of innovation, games and gamification. At the India Gaming Conclave forum, I am glad that I was able to witness similar enthusiasm, learnings and discuss the growth vision of the industry as a whole with representatives from the fraternity.”

JAB Cloud India country manager Jeffrey D’cruz, said, We extend our thanks to AWS & Konnect Worldwide Business Media for assisting us in organising IGC2021 at a huge magnitude of success. We would also like to thank all the leadership speakers & delegates at the forum. Solutions like CDN & Security are our forte. We look forward to associating ourselves and adding extensive value to your business.

Commenting on the successful culmination of the event, Konnect Worldwide Business Media CEO Rahul Sindhwani, said, “The gaming industry in India has come a long way since the early 2000s, and there’s an increased focus on the local development of games, large volume of users and rising potential of monetization. Therefore, through India Gaming Conclave we aimed to offer a platform wherein top business leaders, experts and like – minded participants could come together to explore synergies and interact about opportunities, future and all topics that are relevant to reflect upon the sector. I am extremely grateful to our industry partners and leadership speakers for their support and without them this success would not have been possible. We look forward to partnering with them in many editions in future.”