Mahadev Book: Seven arrested across Kolkata and Bhilai for taking illegal bets

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Raipur Police have achieved yet another breakthrough in the ongoing action against illegal betting app Mahadev Book. Recently, the police arrested seven individuals from Kolkata and Bhilai for taking illegal bets on various sports events.

The police received a tip-off about people taking illegal bets using the Mahadev Book app and acted on the same information. The arrested individuals are identified as Shubham Chauhan, Guddu Singh, Gurpal Singh, Vikas Kumar Sahu, Rakesh Kumar Medekar, Vikas Adani and Krishna Vishwakarma.

As per IBC24‘s reports, during the raid, the police also seized all of their mobile phones, laptops. The bets that they took have also been registered with the police. A few bank accounts with large sums of money were also found and are currently being monitored.

All the arrested individuals are currently charged u/s 7 of Chhattisgarh Gambling Prohibition Act, 2022. Along with these individuals, several others arrested in the past are being interrogated for further information regarding the probe.

Raipur Police actively carrying the probe

In past few months, Raipur police have been working non-stop on Mahadev Book case. There have been countless cases of arrests being made under the probe. A few days earlier, the police booked over 20 individuals in a similar case and seized bank accounts containing over 45 lakh.

Reports suggests that several individuals were previously trained in Dubai. After sufficient training, they were sent back to India in order to handle and operate illegal bets. The police has even issued lookout notice for the masterminds of the operation of Mahadev Book Saurabh Chandrakar and Ravi Uppal who are believed to be residing in Dubai.


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