Maharashtra: MNS’ Manoj Chavan once again urges to implement casino regulations in state

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Maharashtra Navnirman Sena’s (MNS) General Secretary Manoj Chavan has, on May 16, drafted a formal request to the Chief Minister Eknath Shinde to consider implementation of laws related to casino regulations in the state of Maharashtra. This request has been made with a primary intention to increase tourism revenues in the state.

A similar request was made by Chavan back in February 2023, however, the state government did not entertain the same. Chavan has backed that if casinos are allowed to operate in the state, it will lead to generation of tourism from across the globe, and thereby, generate handsome revenues for the state.

Maharashtra’s neighbour Goa has been popular for its casinos and many tourists who visit Goa also play at several offshore as well as onshore casinos. In Sikkim too, there are various five-star casinos being set up. Since Maharashtra also has many tourist places like Lonavala, Mahabaleshwar, Mumbai, and Konkan to name a few, setting up casinos at these spots is likely to attract a number of visitors all the year round.

In his letter, Chavan also wrote that despite the state seeing some indispensable amount of industrial growth and infrastructural facilities, the Maharashtra Casinos (Regulation and Taxation) Act of 1976 has been in the dust ever since it was passed in the legislative assembly.

Casinos to bring $1.1 billion revenue to the state – Reports

Manoj Chavan backed his request by showcasing how the state would benefit with an estimated revenue of $1.1 billion (as reported by Global Market Advisors) if casinos are allowed to operate. He also went on to say that a 28% GST on casino and gaming would create approximately $308 million to the government, which will be in addition to the license fees from the casino operators.

Chavan also claimed that casino-gaming industry will bolster the sectors such as tourism, entertainment, hospitality, thus bringing indirect tax revenue to the government and employment opportunities in Maharashtra.

Since this is the second time that MNS General Secretary has written to the state government, it remains to be seen whether his request gets any response in the state’s legislative assembly.