Meghalaya: Mukul Sangma, former Chief Minister vows to repeal gaming law after 2023 elections

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Shillong, the capital city of Meghalaya, is recognised as the hub of education in the Northeast, which according to Leader of Opposition Mukul Sangma should be the state’s unique selling point (USP) instead of it being identified as a ‘gambling destination’, reported the Shillong Times.

Mukul Sangma was the Chief Minister of Meghalaya from 2010-18 and is now a member of AITC.

This statement was made by the former Chief Minister in a scathing attack on the state government over its move to legalise gambling in the state which could put a dent on the state’s reputation of being a centre for education. The government had issued three provisional licenses under the new gaming regulation.

Speaking to media persons on Tuesday, Mukul said Meghalaya as a whole has had the legacy of being a centre of education and a favoured tourist destination. “I will be disturbed when someone tells me that Meghalaya is known for gambling,” he said

On the government’s claims that the residents of the state will not be allowed to partake in gambling activities, Mukul said that these statements are indicative of the fact that these places are not good for people to go.

Sangma said if the government does not terminate the agreement, the AITC will repeal the law after the 2023 Assembly polls.

Last week, Congress has strongly opposed the plan of the National People’s Party-led Meghalaya Democratic Alliance government to legalise gambling and online betting for tourists.

Various organisations, including the influential Meghalaya United Christian Forum (MUCF), voiced “apprehension and shock” over the state government’s decision to legalise gambling and online betting for tourists coming to the state.