Netflix adds two more games on iOS and Android

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Last November, Netflix launched a new gaming service globally available across both iOS and Android with games that included two games based on the adaption of “Stranger Things” and a few casual games. Netflix has now announced two more casual games that are rolling out across jurisdictions for both iOS and Android users.

The streaming giant’s gaming lineup now includes 12 titles, including Bowling Ballers, Shooting Hoops, Teeter Up, Asphalt Xtreme, Stranger Things 1984, Stranger Things 3, Card Blast, Dominos Cafe, Wonderputt Forever, and Knittens

The first game in the new lineup is called Arcanium: Rise of Akhan and is an open-world single-player card strategy game. The game was developed by Rogue Games. Netflix says the Arcanium clubs the roguelike and deckbuilding genres in new ways. The goal is to create a team of heroes and embark on a journey to defeat Akhan the calamity and save the world of Arzu from destruction. If one person on your team succumbs to corruption, the game ends. Card Blast and Bowling Ballers which are already available on the platform are developed by Rogue Games.

Netflix’s second new title is called Krispee Street and was developed by Frosty Pop. The goal of the puzzle game is to bring the characters and world of Krispee to life by finding hundreds of characters and objects scattered throughout the levels. The game is based on a popular webcomic called Krispee. This is the second offering by Frosty Pop after Teeter Up.

To access the titles on Android, users need to tap on the new Games tab in the Netflix app for Android where the games are listed. After selecting a title, users are directed to the Google Play Store to install the games, as you would in any other app. Once the games are downloaded, they are available to play at any time by tapping them within the Netflix app or on the home screen of an Android device. For iOS, Netflix is using a similar system where users are directed to Apple’s App Store for downloads.

Last November, Netflix has hired Scopely’s Amir Rahimi as vice president of game studios. Rahimi will oversee all games that will become available to Netflix members around the world. Rahimi, who was previously president of games at mobile game publisher Scopely, will report to Mike Verdu, vice president of games at Netflix. Verdu, a former Facebook gaming and EA executive was hired in July 2021.