NGO Bailancho Saad opposes Delta Corp’s casino township project near Mopa Airport

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In a recent update to the Delta Corp’s casino-integrated township project near Goa’s Mopa International Airport, Bailancho Saad, a woman’s NGO, is now opposing the township project and casino advertisements hoardings by Delta Corp, claiming that the women are being used as sexual figures to lure in more people for gambling.

They went on to demand that the government should not provide license to the latest project saying that there are already several casinos, especially the ones that are operating on the Mandovi river that are casing harm to the population.

Furthermore, the NGO said that the casino will also affect the youth, harm the environment and lead to exploitation of women. An official from Bailancho Saad, Sabina Martins, said that the inflow of visitors and wealthy settlers would ruin the village’s identity and reduce the local population to a tiny poor minority with no influence over local government.

As reported by Herald, Martins also said that those who are opposed to gambling are being compelled to use trolleys at the airport that have advertisements for casinos. They urged the government to stop advertising casino gambling and charge casinos under the Indecent Representation of Women Act.

The protest comes right after Delta Corp’s township project got recommended for environmental clearance by the Goa State Expert Appraisal Committee (Goa-SEAC). The Goa State Environment Impact Assessment Authority (Goa-SEIAA) will soon review the project and take final decision.

The Deltin Town resort-cum-casino project includes three hotels, a cinema hall, a convention centre, a shopping area, banquet facilities, a water park and a kids’ play area. The project has faced several delays but is closer than ever to finally receive approval despite several protests from citizen groups.