PR Rajendran Co-Founder & CEO Nextwave Multimedia on WCC3, its success, and future plans

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World Cricket Championship 3 (WCC 3), recently dropped its latest update, ‘Road to Glory’ featuring multiple language commentaries voiced by former cricketers and professional commentators to cater to more diverse geographies in 2022. Three new commentators, Anjum Chopra for Hindi, Vijay Bharadwaj for Kannada and Deep Dasgupta for Bengali will be joining the roster of the already existing panel. 

We spoke to Nextwave Multimedia Co-Founder & CEO PR Rajendran about what led to the creation of WWC 3, its progress, future plans, and more. Explaining what spurred them on to introduce WW3, Rajendran shared that Cricket is a sport India is synonymous with, a sport that transcends the geographical and language boundaries of our nation.

“We wanted to bring that same excitement for everyone at their fingertips. We created WCC with a vision of giving a realistic cricket experience to everyone,” he added.

Delving into facts and figures in terms of the game’s popularity amongst players, he shares, “We average 2 million-plus daily active users and much more during the cricket season. We have nearly 50 mins of average game playtime.

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Having crossed about 170 million downloads, the game already caters to the international market spanning 180 countries across the globe. Given its popularity, it is now all set to integrate more languages like Bengali, Kannada and more in order to cater to the wider fan base.

On being asked what mainly made them integrate these languages, he answered, “Cricket is loved by people across the nation, irrespective of language and cultural boundaries. With the integration of these local languages, we wanted to tap into these geographies, by giving players a more realistic experience of the game, something that they relate to more than just English.”

Speaking about the new commentators they have onboarded recently, he shared, “We have added three new commentators in our recent update, Anjum Chopra for Hindi, Vijay Bharadwaj for Kannada and Deep Dasgupta for Bengali. They are former professional cricketers and ace commentators in their respective languages. This will bring familiarity to the native audiences of these languages.”

Rajendran informed they are lining up lots of exciting content for 2022. “WCC has defined the benchmark for best mobile cricket gaming and we will be releasing new content and features next year,” he concluded.