Parth Das’ Collective Ace Group raises $100 million for investment in India’s online gaming industry

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Germany-based Collective Ace Group founder Parth Das has raised $100 million for deployment in India’s online gaming space, Economic Times reports.

“There’s no focus on the supply chain in the gaming industry, areas like game development, quality assurance, customer support, marketing, etc.”

He further added that the funds would be deployed in India, the Middle East, Central, and Eastern Europe and that the company would look at acquisition opportunities across different parts of the gaming value chain.

While assuring that he would announce something in the upcoming months, Das made it clear that “a majority of the funds would be deployed in India, but not only in India. It will be a big focus as there is a lot of talent here and a proven track record of a successful business to business ventures,”

Earlier, Das has worked with Berlin-based Deca Games which fostered his interest in other different aspects of the gaming industry.

According to him, the Collective Ace Group will help with providing easier access to finance and capital owing to its multinational structure.

“During this time, I observed that mostly the development studios are the companies that are getting the biggest amount of attention and are benefiting from the consolidation that is happening in the gaming ecosystem,”

India owns a 12% share of the world’s gaming players but only 1% of the total revenue comes from here.

“In terms of our growth strategy, we intend to do it in phases. Phase 1 would be focused on service companies from Central & Eastern Europe, Middle East, and the Indian subcontinent. However, in the next phases, we would also be targeting expansion in North America, Western Europe, and the southern hemisphere,” Das concluded.

The gaming industry in India has garnered a lot of interest from investors in the last few years. The current market scenario is a wonderful time to invest in the online gaming sphere, indeed.