Play-to-earn NFT project ‘Block Ape Scissors’ beta goes live

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Block Ape Scissors is the most cutting-edge play-to-earn ecosystem built onto the Binance Smart Chain Network. This project is leaving no stone unturned, making sure to utilise gaming, NFTs and DeFi as separate parts of an interconnected system designed to grow and evolve with its community.

Today marks the official launch of the highly anticipated Block Ape Scissors Beta, where holders of the Block Ape Scissors Gamester NFTs can play the game and earn themselves $BAS tokens for providing feedback on the experience, BAS has confirmed there are 1,500,000 $BAS tokens up for grabs and the Beta will be accessible for at least two weeks so if you don’t have a Gamester you have plenty of time to join the discord server and become a Champion through the Block Ape Scissors Guild Program.

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The game is a unique battle royale game that integrates rock, paper scissors style mechanics to pit players against each other for the chance to take home the winnings. NFT holders can recruit champions who then play on behalf of the holder, both the holder and the Champion receive rewards when the Champion plays games, giving everyone an opportunity to be part of the play-to-earn ecosystem Block Ape Scissors is creating.

BAS is also aiming to position itself as the core utility provider for meme coins whilst simultaneously creating an entirely new play-to-earn 2.0 model focussed on Gaming, NFTs and DeFi. Through this unique system multiple revenue streams become available to those who choose to engage with it, BAS will also introduce player tournaments and contests with tokens and NFTs as rewards.

These recent developments have also included some changes to BAS farming, LP Farming and providing liquidity can now be accessed directly through the Block Ape Scissors app.