Police arrests IOB cashier for embezzling bank fund of Rs 80 lakh on online gambling

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In a piece of shocking news related to banking fraud cashier of Indian Overseas Bank (IOB)’s Baipariguda Branch R Santosh Kumar Dora was arrested on Monday after being found guilty of embezzling funds of depositors to the tune of around Rs 80 lakh on online gambling and casino clubs.

Odisha Police arrested the cashier of Indian Overseas Bank in Koraput district after a complaint was lodged by IOB branch manager Prabir Kumar Pradhan at Boipariguda Police Station on August 20 after finding an astonishing deficit in cash worth Rs 80 lakh at the branch.

As per the FIR, manager Pradhan found a gross mismatch in the fund of over Rs 80 lakh when he was calculating cash deposits as the amount of money fed into the ATM kiosk and remaining cash available in the bank did not tally with the amount of money deposited by some of the account holders of the branch.

A team of police personnel led by Jeypore SDPO Arup Abhishek Behera and Baipariguda IIC Ashwini Kumar Pattanayak acted on the FIR lodged by the branch manager. After conducting a preliminary investigation found that cashier Dora is at fault as he was in possession of the keys of ATM kiosks and cash lockers, which made it convenient for him to embezzle the funds of the account holders.

Dora used to transfer the deposited amounts to the bank accounts of his parents and in turn use them for illegal financial activities, including online gambling. Police also suspect his involvement of others in the case. He confessed to his wrongdoings in front of the local police and admitted indulging in the fraudulent activity for more than one year. He has been working at the bank since 2014 and was the sole accountant, handling all the funds and cash transactions.

Police also seized a bike, mobile phone, and important documents from his possession. He was forwarded to a local court following his arrest on Monday and later, was sent to jail after his bail plea was rejected, said officials according to Prameya News.