Police raid uncovers illegal gambling den in Surat involving diamond workers

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Kapodra police in Surat arrested 24 individuals, including 22 diamond workers, during a raid on Saturday night at Gayatri Society in Kapodra. The raid was aimed at exposing illegal gambling operations where individuals were betting on religious Yantras such as Shri Yantra, Matsya Yantra, and Vashikaran Yantra to make quick money, reported the Times of India.

The gamblers were working under the guise of selling various Yantras to solve people’s problems, the gambling den was discovered to be conducting betting rounds every five minutes, with one Yantra declared as the winner by the operators. Police confiscated 47 Yantras, along with various machines used in illicit gambling activities.

The gambling office, masked as ‘H S Agency’, claimed to sell Yantras catering to different needs, including Shri, Vashikaran, Vastu, Planet, Love, Tara, Grah, Matsya, and Meditation. These Yantras, printed on laminated cards, were used as instruments for placing bets, with the operators declaring winners based on outcomes displayed on a computer screen.

The police revealed the setup and disclosed that the operation was facilitated through the Internet, with numbers declared from a Bhavnagar office. The police seized a coin vending machine and metal coins and mentioned the involvement of an individual named Rajni Vallabh.

The gambling setup allowed participants to stake any amount on any Yantra, with winners promised a payout nine times their initial bet. Among those arrested were operators Pankaj Solanki and Suresh Solanki, while the facility owners, Bhavin Mojidra and Vijay Golaniya, were declared wanted by authorities.

The arrested individuals, also include 22 diamond workers. They were identified as Haresh Bhaliya, Kishan Khatana, Chetan Dhola, Ravindra Rajput, and others, ranging between 19 to 50 years of age. Police seized total valuables worth Rs. 2.25 lakh, including cash, Yantras, coins, computers, and card scanners, and booked all individuals under the Gujarat Prevention of Gambling Act.