Popular Bollywood actor Aparshakti Khurana promotes illegal online casino

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Gambling has become increasingly digitized in the last decade or so. Online gambling and online casinos are getting increasingly popular, despite the fact that traditional land-based casinos will always be a draw for many gamblers worldwide.

It seems that many gamblers now find it difficult to resist the allure of being able to play from the convenience of their own homes or at online casino sites. As a result, individuals all over the world are using online casinos more frequently as they offer real money online betting and gambling as well as free online betting and gambling.

Although online casinos have become very popular, gambling activity is still banned in India. As per the rules and regulations, it is a punishable offense. The well-known Bollywood actor Aparshakti Khurana was spotted endorsing an illegal offshore gambling site.

In a story shared on Bakchod Billi’s Instagram account, a page followed by over 1.8 million people, the actor referred to the website as the only legal betting and casino app in India and urged visitors to gamble and play real money casino games on the site.

The consumer protection rules released last month hold celebrities who promote goods or services accountable and subject to legal prosecution for participating in deceptive advertising. The consequences of Khurana’s promotion of illegal offshore betting websites, encouragement or facilitation of money laundering, and tax fraud by unlawful and unregistered websites remain to be seen.

In a promotional video for the site, Khurana further asserted that the website does not demand any identification evidence and can be accessed instantaneously by money deposits made without a PAN. Specific legislation governing online gambling has been passed by states like Sikkim and Meghalaya. But it includes only the skill-based online games, not the game of chances.

The government decided to take this matter under consideration very seriously as online gambling also affects society as a whole. Teenagers frequently created fake ids and used their parents’ credit cards when they were online, and even if one site was blocking them, they could always access another.

The celebrity endorsements attract the youth even more, and even if the celebs give out false information, the makers always showcase it as believable. No one is away from the digital world, and one of the cons of digitization is that everything is accessible to everyone. As a result, 13 lawmakers had raised concerns about the prevalence of illegal online casinos in India and their endorsements by well-known celebrities.