Punjab: Police launches operation against illegal lottery, gambling

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Punjab police, in order to take action against people taking part in illegal lottery and gambling activities, has started an operation against the same. On Saturday, June 10, the police carried out an operation under the directions of Director General of Police (DGP) Punjab Gaurav Yadav.

According to a PTI release, Special DGP (law and order) Arpit Shukla sailed that the whole operation was synchronized among all police departments and conducted across the state between 10 am to 3 pm.

Shukla stated that every commissioner and senior superintendent of Punjab police had been directed to assign station house officers from each police station to raid and check anyone against whom more than two charges of the Gambling Act had been filed in the previous five years.

The raid was carried out by 285 police teams which included around 1,500 police personnel. The teams carried out raids at over 500 premises believed to be involved in illegal gambling acts.

Over 400 people were arrest by the police which included 110 people involved in illegal lottery and 434 people involved in illegal gambling. Shukla said that they have registered over 40 FIRs and seized over Rs 45,000 in cash.

Punjab Police’s special DGP Shukla further stated that these raids will continue in future and are a way to keep people being involved in these illegal activities in check. The police have also previously arrested people in illegal lottery cases in Ludhiana and Puducherry.

Gambling and illegal lotteries are some of the most widespread issues across the country. Many of the states have already started taking options against people gambling illegally. Many of these gamblers are using banned illegal betting websites that siphons money out to other countries.