Raipur Police writes to External Affairs Ministry; demands lookout notices against Mahadev Book illegal betting operators

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The news regarding illegal betting operations of the Mahadev Book keeps surfacing every other day. This time, Raipur police have now asking to issue a lookout notice against two individuals linked to Mahadev book illegal betting app. Notably, a letter regarding the same has also been addressed to the Ministry of External Affairs.

The individuals are identified as Nitin Motwani alias Chiku and Yusuf Potti. These are the same operators who were running illegal betting activities from Shimmers club in Amaseoni region.

Over 500 bank accounts linked to the illegal betting ring were revealed during the interrogation of people who were arrested during the bust. The police have issued notices to the banks and are collecting further key information under the same.

As per Nai Dunia, the police were able to book Motwani, however, Potti absconded upon hearing about the registration of FIR. Upon successfully shutting down their operations, the police also bailed out Motwani. Since then, Motwani is also on the run and the police are trying to track him down.

Lookout notice already issued against the mastermind

The money from these illegal bets are siphoned out of India using these fake bank accounts to Dubai. Notably, the mastermind of Mahadev Book Saurabh Chandrakar and his partner Ravi Uppal are hiding in Dubai.

Operators running these illegal groups are usually trained in Dubai and sent back to India to scam people. The majority of Mahadev Book’s operations are based in Chhattisgarh, but it is believed to be spread across the whole subcontinent.

The police have intensified the action against these illegal bookmakers. Over 200 have been arrested, while thousands of fake bank accounts with crores of illegal transactions have been tracked down.

Despite all this, Mahadev Book’s illegal operators seem to show no signs of stopping. The police is, however, constantly trying no nab some higher operatives to put a heavy blow to their activities.