Sachin Tendulkar: Goa casino used my image without permission

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Cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar today said he would initiate legal action against a casino for using his morphed images to promote itself on social media. According to reports, morphed images of Tendulkar were used to promote the ‘Big Daddy’ casino, which is located in Goa. The casino is owned by Haryana strong man Gopal Kanda who is a member of the state’s legislative assembly.

It has come to my notice that there are multiple ads being shown on social media platforms, with a morphed photo showing me endorsing a casino,” he said in a tweet. The 48-year-old Tendulkar, who retired in 2013, stressed that he was pained to see his images being used to mislead people.

I have never endorsed gambling, tobacco, or alcohol – directly or indirectly, in an individual capacity. It pains to see that my images are being used to mislead people,” added Tendulkar. Sachin Tendulkar, who has been known for his spotless image, did not personally endorse tobacco or alcohol brands even during his peak days. Tendulkar reiterated his stance on his Twitter account and urged people to remain watchful about the fake advertisements circulating on social media.

Illegal online casinos to blame?

A social media ad by an illegal online casino featuring Big Daddy vessel and Sachin Tendulkar

The social media advertisements as seen by solicits users to sign up for online casino apps. While these apps are illegal, industry insiders tell us that they are using the names of Goa casinos to gain trust and attract users. Casino giant Deltin has been running social media ads cautioning users against multiple fraudulent advertisements and communications on social purporting to be from Deltin.