Singapore expects tourist numbers to double in 2023, casinos expect boost in visitors

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The city of Singapore is expecting a considerable rise in visitors in 2023, with the number of tourists doubling in comparison to 2022. Last year, the tourism hub exceeded expectations at 6.3 million visitors, following the lifting of travel restrictions after the pandemic. The new year is set to get an increased amount of international visitors, in an expected range of about 12-14 million, raising hopes for a massive revival for casino operators.

Singapore’s tourism board is expecting a revenue of around SG$18 billion to SG$21 billion in 2023, which is still just two-thirds of the amount seen in the pre-pandemic era in 2019. The expectations have increased not only because of the restriction-free movement of tourists across international borders but also with the increased attempts of the government to attract tourists to the region.

In an attempt to revitalize the tourism industry, Singapore set aside a budget of SG$500 million. The tourism board has also added an extra SG$100 million to attract visitors by promoting local business and leisure activities in the next two years.

Singapore Tourism Board’s chief executive Keith Tan reckoned that the board is trying to ramp up investments to provide a rich experience to the visitors via the products and activities in the next two years. They are dedicated to meeting the demands of the consumers and willing to support the industries in doing so.

“To sustain our growth in 2023 and beyond, we will expand our partnerships, build up a rich year-round calendar of events, ramp up investment in new and refreshed products and experiences, and continue to support industry efforts to build the capabilities they need to meet consumer demands,” Keith Tan said regarding the plans to attract more visitors, as quoted by Asia Gaming Brief.

Normal services resumed last year, with Singapore getting 1.1 million and 686,000 tourists from fellow Asian nations Indonesia and India, respectively. The leading two tourism markets provided some SG$1.1 billion and $704 million, with Australia also contributing SG$633 million in tourism revenue.

Hotel stays in the area have increased with people spending nearly five days on average. The City’s position as a cruise hub has also helped the numbers, as 230 ship calls carrying around 1.2 million passengers, were welcomed in the last year.