Skill-based gaming platform Awon GameZ raises $2 million in seed funding

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Skill-based gaming platform, Awon GameZ, on Monday announced that it has raised $2 million as part of its seed funding round from family offices.

India’s real-money gaming industry is gaining momentum after a series of positive court rulings across states in the country. The favorable environment in the country towards online gaming, especially in the wake of recent rulings, has led gaming companies to grow exponentially.

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According to the company, it will be utilizing this investment to scale, expand its product portfolio, deepen its market reach, and hire global talent.

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Awon GameZ is a platform that allows users to play skill-based and real money games including fantasy cricket, rummy, and poker with the option of hosting an audio chat and video conferencing with their friends to create a real-life personalized experience.

“Any player has a 50% odds of winning in real money gaming, which is way higher than any other platform. All you need are sets of skills to increase your winning possibilities,” said Amardeep Bajpai, founder of Awon GameZ.

The company is also working towards creating an online gaming platform for children.

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“Gaming is not just about regular games like Candy Crush; it’s also about skill-based games that engage serious ‘gamers. Now, if the word ‘gamer’ evokes imagery of young millennials wearing headphones immersed in their phone with fingers flashing all over the screen, you would be badly mistaken. Today’s gamers play card-based as well as fantasy games. Both these are categories that are a high investment and high involvement genres for gamers,” said investor Aditya Duggar.

Awon GameZ is also planning to launch gamification tailored to the goals and preferences of users and will introduce an online marketplace that serves the needs of the entire gaming community. The company is aiming to reach over 10 million users by the end of the year.