Tech giant Sony files a patent application for an esports betting platform

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Sony Interactive Entertainment has patented its own esports betting platform. This revelation comes months after the company acquired the Evo championship series. However, the company filed the original application back in 2019 almost 18 months back and it’s only just been published now.

The application revealed that the platform includes, “odds for various propositions concerning the play of a computer simulation are determined and presented to a viewer for pecuniary [real-money] or non-pecuniary wagering purposes”.

The application explained that the odds would be then offered live to viewers, being overlaid on streams of the game being played.

The odds may be set on either in a sportsbook format based on past game analytics or a pari-mutuel system, followed by an extended option which is  betting directly against friends.

Not just that betting markets will also include prop bets and not limited to game outcomes. An example of prop bet listed in the application was “that a particular character (“A”) gets hit by a virtual weapon at any time during simulation play and the second that the character is hit within the next minute”.

The video game company has been incredibly proactive in the last few months, with various ambitious deals and patents commandeering the news cycle, and now it appears that it is happening again.