Telugu YouTubers urge Telugu CMs to act on illegal betting

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Independent Journalist Thulasi Chandu has appealed to the Chief Ministers of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy and Revanth Reddy to ban online betting sites. She wrote a long post on X (formerly known as Twitter) and also shared a video of her interviewing a person affected by an online betting scam. Her post brings to light the prevalence of online betting scams plaguing the youth of both states. Through her post, Thulasi has shed light on the consequences of rampant online betting, particularly among vulnerable youth populations.

In a recent YouTube video titled “Betting apps in India Telugu,” popular YouTuber Prapancha Yatrikudu discussed the rise of betting apps in India, focusing on various aspects, including their impact on teenagers, potential regulatory changes, and downloading apps from the Google Play Store. He expressed concern about the use of betting apps among teenagers, noting that some apps are marketed towards this demographic.

Thulasi shared a video capturing the story of a young man from Telangana, the son of a Dalit farmer, who engaged in online betting. Having invested his savings and borrowed substantial sums, the man incurred losses amounting to Rs. 12 lakhs within three months. Unable to handle his debts, he is now disoriented and depressed. His situation is similar to many victims facing similar fates.

These appeals reflect the distress of numerous families across Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, where suicides due to online betting-related debts have become common. PY addressed a viewer’s question about a particular betting app group called GR, emphasizing education and discussing potential regulatory changes in India concerning betting apps.

Thulasi also noted the response from the central government regarding the growth of online betting. She mentioned, “If the central government wants, they can regulate these betting companies easily. But these betting apps are allowed under the guise of fantasy games, and the government is charging a 28% GST.”

Regarding downloading betting apps from the Google Play Store, Yatrikudu cautioned viewers about using charms mark-up or links to bypass Google’s restrictions on gambling apps. He advised against downloading apps from untrusted sources to avoid potential scams or legal issues, recommending the use of VPNs to access international betting apps unavailable in India.

YouTube channels like Naa Anveshana and Prapancha Yatrikudu are spreading awareness and urging the state governments to take action to address these issues in the two Telugu states.

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