Tendril Gaming acquires Raj and Shilpa Shetty Kundra’s Game of Dot

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Chandigarh-based gaming company Tendril Gaming has acquired Game of Dot (G.O.D), an online cricket game by Viaan Industries of Raj Kundra and Shilpa Shetty Kundra. Tendril Gaming Private Limited is well-known for game development and promotion. The company builds interactive gaming applications.

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G.O.D is a game of skill that is inspired by the traditional ‘spot-the-ball’ game, with a modern twist. It caters to cricket enthusiasts who love all the intricacies of the gentleman’s game. To play the game online, a player just needs a keen eye and basic understanding of cricket. G.O.D is a simple and engaging game where players can easily ace the game to win cash prizes.

Players need to register for the game and then study the picture carefully to determine the position of the cricket ball. On the other hand, G.O.D’s panel of cricket experts also anticipate the correct position of the cricket ball in the given picture. The winner is selected based upon how close the player’s prediction is to the expert’s prediction and takes home daily cash prizes. A player can choose between Daily Game and Monthly Game as the time based competition is judged by professionals from the cricket community.

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Gagandeep Singh, Managing Director, Tendril Gaming said, “We are super-excited to have G.O.D as another golden feather in our cap. At Tendril Gaming, we believe the simplest games are the most engaging ones; and with G.O.D we aim to keep the game simple and fun to play. We are extremely delighted to take this opportunity of developing G.O.D into India’s most loving online sport. We believe G.O.D will be a trailblazer in the gaming industry”.

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Inderjit Singh, Director and CTO, Tendril Gaming said, “We are thrilled to take G.O.D forward and build mass popularity and participation in the game. Tendril Gaming has always aced the market trends in terms of game development and execution. Similarly, with G.O.D, we aim to have G.O.D on every smartphone in India; and envision people despite their race, class or gender enjoying the game”.