Top joysticks for PC in 2024: Ultimate gaming experience

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Modern joysticks offer incredible functionality, catering to both casual gamers and those seeking a highly technical setup to mimic modern fighter jets right from home. Whether you’re channeling your inner Leo DiCaprio in *Catch Me If You Can* or you’re a seasoned virtual pilot who could rival Tom Cruise, we’ve compiled the best joysticks to enhance your PC gaming experience. Our curated list covers a range of prices and features to suit every need.

Our selection includes top models from renowned manufacturers like Thrustmaster, a leader in the field. Known for producing not only exceptional joysticks but also some of the best PC controllers and racing wheels on the market, Thrustmaster stands out. We’ve handpicked options to suit various budgets, gaming styles, and genres to ensure you find the perfect fit.

Explore the list below and take your gaming to new heights!

Thrustmaster T. Flight Hotas X | Flight Game Controller | Joystick | PC/PS3

This Thrustmaster T Flight Hotas X joystick is the perfect device to enjoy a realistic and thrilling game play experience. As all functions in this joystick have already been pre-configured, it is very quick and easy to install. The Thrustmaster Hotas X joystick incorporates dual-system aerodynamic control, which is enabled by progressively tilting its lever or using the integrated blocking system to rotate its handle. Throttle control has been nicely designed to be easily detachable, ergonomic and provides a realistic feeling. You can also comfortably rest your hand on this high-precision Thrustmaster joystick with its wide hand rest. A unique feature in this joystick is its mapping button. You can easily reassign and switch around the placement of controls for buttons, mini-sticks and axes to provide you an enhanced gaming experience. With its internal programmable memory, you won’t have to worry about resetting the Thrustmaster T Flight Hotas X joystick each time you disconnect it. There are 5 axles and 12 buttons on this joystick that are completely programmable. This Thrustmaster Flight Hotas X joystick is extremely stable with its weighted base. It also has a unique preset button that allows you to quickly switch from one program during play to another program. • Brand: Thrustmaster • Programmable 12 buttons and 5 axles • Plug and play installation • Joystick with adjustable resistance • Dual-system aerodynamic control • Weighted base • Internal memory • Mapping and Preset buttons

Turtle Beach Recon Controller Wired Gaming Controller for Xbox Series X & Xbox Series S, Xbox One & Windows 10 PCs 

The Turtle Beach Recon Controller is a wired gaming controller compatible with Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, and Windows 10 PCs. It offers easy access to audio controls unique to Turtle Beach, including EQ presets, game and chat volume mix, and Mic Monitoring. The Superhuman Hearing feature provides an audio advantage by enhancing subtle sounds like footsteps and enemy weapon reloads. The controller features responsive controls with textured triggers and bumpers, an accurate 8-way D-pad, and smooth thumbstick movement. Two mappable quick-action buttons can be configured to preferred functions, with the Pro-Aim button enhancing thumbstick sensitivity for long-range accuracy. The controller also includes four Turtle Beach signature EQ presets, game and chat audio mix controls, ergonomic cooling grips, and dual rumble motors for realistic vibration feedback. The item dimensions are 30 mm in width, 150 mm in length, and 200 mm in height, and it is powered by a corded electric source.

Thrustmaster Tca Sidestick X Airbus Edition – Gaming_Console

The Thrustmaster TCA Sidestick X Airbus Edition is an ergonomic replica of the Airbus A320 sidestick, featuring a built-in throttle axis and thrust reverser mechanism. Officially licensed by Airbus and Xbox Series X|S, it is also compatible with PC. This fully ambidextrous and modular joystick allows for four different configurations, accommodating both right or left seat positions in an airliner and narrow or wide center stick configurations for small aircraft. The joystick boasts exclusive precision with H.E.A.R.T. (HallEffect AccuRate Technology) magnetic sensors, providing surgical precision with a 14-bit resolution (16,384 x 16,384 values) for pitch and roll axes. A coil spring inside the stick ensures firm, linear, and fluid tension. The device includes 21 action buttons for Xbox and PC: 18 buttons on the base (including View, Menu, Share x2, and Xbox Guide) and 4 on the handle, along with an 8-direction point of view hat switch. Additionally, it has 4 independent axes and a twist rudder controlled by rotating the joystick handle.

Thrustmaster T. Flight Hotas X | Flight Game Controller | Joystick | PC/PS3

The Thrustmaster T. Flight Hotas X is a flight game controller designed for PC and PS3, providing a realistic and immersive gaming experience. It features a plug-and-play installation with pre-configured functions for quick and easy setup. The joystick incorporates dual-system aerodynamic control, allowing for progressive lever tilting or handle rotation using the integrated blocking system. The ergonomic, detachable throttle control offers a realistic feel, while the wide hand rest ensures comfort during high-precision gameplay. A standout feature is the mapping button, which lets users easily reassign and switch control placements for buttons, mini-sticks, and axes to enhance the gaming experience. The joystick includes internal programmable memory, eliminating the need to reset configurations after disconnecting. It boasts 5 axles and 12 completely programmable buttons, ensuring versatile control options. The Thrustmaster T. Flight Hotas X is also highly stable, thanks to its weighted base, and features a unique preset button for quick program switching during gameplay. The joystick also has adjustable resistance, further enhancing its customizable features.

Thrustmaster Open Wheel | Racing Game Wheel Add-On | PC/PS4/Xbox One

The Thrustmaster Open Wheel is a lightweight, detachable racing game wheel add-on optimized for an enhanced feel of force feedback. Designed to be the lightest wheel rim in the Thrustmaster racing ecosystem, it enhances the realism of force feedback effects. Compatible with PC, PS4, and Xbox One, this multiplatform wheel add-on integrates seamlessly with all Thrustmaster T-series racing wheel bases, including TX, T300 Servo bases, T-GT, TS-XW, and TS-PC Racer (sold separately). The Thrustmaster Open Wheel allows gamers to experience force feedback effects that closely mimic real-world racing conditions, offering an immersive and authentic racing experience.