FIFA World Cup 2022: Betting laws in Qatar you must know

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The 2022 Qatar FIFA World Cup will kick off Sunday, with the host country taking on Ecuador in Group A. Soccer fans worldwide are known for betting and gambling.

Across the world, the tournament will be the most wagered event of all time. Since the last 2018 World Cup, several states in the USA have legalised betting while in countries like India illegal offshore websites have penetrated the market.

Fans from all over the world are expected to visit the Arabian nation who are expected to carry the habit of online gambling.

Tourists visiting Qatar must take note that the country has integrated Islamic culture into the laws. It has a number of laws in place that require foreign nationals visiting the country to adhere to local customs, including FIFA fans.

Gambling is prohibited in Qatar. The law penalizes gamblers with a term of imprisonment for up to three months and up to a 3,000 QR penalty. Further, running a gambling organization is punished with up to a year of imprisonment and up to a 5000 QB fine. These prohibitions are also applicable to online space, although it is a grey area.

While law enforcement authorities rarely punish online gamblers, it is advisable to not talk about your online betting activities openly while in Qatar. To the extent possible, do not gamble or bet online while in Qatar.

While if you are caught with gambling apps on your phone or electronic gadget there is a possibility that the device can be confiscated.

Human right and data privacy laws are different in the Middle East when compared to the developed countries. Assume that everything you do online when in Qatar can be tracked by authorities. When you gamble online in Qatar assume that it may potentially land you in jail in a foreign country.