Madhya Pradesh government forms task force to examine aspects of banning online gambling and regulating online gaming

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A task force has been formed by the Madhya Pradesh (MP) government, headed by the Additional Chief Secretary of the Home Department, to look into technical, legal, and other elements of banning online gambling and regulating online gaming.

A recent release from the MP government states that the decision to form the task force was taken on the basis of the meeting that took place on November 28 regarding the ban on online gambling and regulation of online gaming.

Earlier in January, MP Home Minister Narottam Mishra revealed that the government was planning to enact a law to regulate online gaming for children. The decision to regulate online gaming came after the news of an 11-year-old boy allegedly committing suicide over online gaming addiction.

“Online games are a serious issue. To prevent such tragic incidents, we are bringing an act regulating online gaming in Madhya Pradesh, whose draft has been prepared and we will soon finalize it,” said the state home minister at the time.

The MP High Court also instructed the state government on August 29 this year to work on curbing illegal gambling activities and regulate online gaming within the next three months.

Responding to the state’s order, the state government told the HC that a law regarding the same is being drafted and the details will soon be shared with everyone.

Following the statement, the draft for a legislation to regulate online gaming was announced by Mishra in November saying, “We are going to bring an Act in Madhya Pradesh to regulate online gaming. The draft is ready and will be brought to the Cabinet for final approval.”

According to Mishra, the draft modified the Gambling Act and included online gaming. He also claimed that the government will also establish a regulating agency to oversee several online gaming platforms.

The full details regarding the current draft are yet to be released but it will be interesting to see what approach the MP government will take regarding the issue.