Nagpur: Lawyer files High Court petition demanding restriction on online gaming activities

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News regarding the negative effects of online gaming keep surfacing timely. A lawyer has now filed a petition in the Bombay High Court (Nagpur Bench) requesting restrictions on online gaming activities.

The lawyer, Rushikesh Ladekar, in his request, has asked to impose strict regulation on mobile games and betting. The lawyer further claimed that these restrictions will be helpful in saving the youth from addiction to online gaming.

Ladekar in his petition cited the Tamil Nadu Prohibition of Online Gambling and Regulation of Online Games Act, 2022. He mentioned how the state banned all online games, be it skill-based or chance-based. As per Nagpur Today, the lawyer asked to restrict online gaming between 8 pm to 6 or 8 am, if not for a complete ban.

Nagpur Bench sends notices to the concerned departments, asks for response over the matter within three weeks

The Justice Atul Chandurkar and Justice Vrushali Joshi-headed Nagpur Bench sent notices to the concerned departments. The divisional bench has asked for a response over the matter within three weeks. The bench also acknowledged TN Govt’s efforts to curb online gaming after a survey revealed the ill-effects of online gaming among youngsters.

Ladekar also contented that sudden increased in addiction to online gaming started during the Covid-19 period. The addiction led to adverse physical & mental health effects along with other health issues.

The lawyer also brought up examples of extreme steps that youngsters took to play online games. One such case was of a man from Rajasthan, who borrowed money to buy in-game tokens. Notably, the man kidnapped his own cousin and demanded ransom in order to pay back the borrowed amount.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recognized gaming addiction as a disorder back in 2019. Ladekar also told WHO’s recognition, which highlighted the necessity for regulation and limitations on these activities.