PMK founder insists Governor to give assent to law banning online gambling

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S. Ramadoss, the founder of Pattali Makkal Katchi (PMK), reaffirmed the need for the Tamil Nadu (TN) Governor to swiftly give his assent to the law banning online gambling.

A recent tweet by Ramadoss highlights a youth named Arunkumar taking his life allegedly due to losing money in online gambling. He said, “A graduate youth named Arunkumar from Karumanginaru village of Dindigul district committed suicide by jumping into a well after losing money in online gambling. My condolences to his bereaved family.”

“This is the 39th suicide in Tamil Nadu in the last 16 months since the ban on online gambling was lifted. The number of suicides after losing money in gambling has increased after the expiry of the Ordinance on Online Gambling!” he further added.

Ramadoss spoke on the efforts of people that led to the creation of the Online Gambling Prohibition Act and pressed on the fact that even after 73 days, the Governor has not approved the act.

PMK’s continuous protests and movements against online gambling led to the passage of the Online Gambling Prohibition Act. It is not fair for the Governor to delay without approving the Act even after 73 days.

“Online gambling is causing suicides and family breakdowns. Realizing the urgency of the situation, I urge the Governor of Tamil Nadu to approve the Online Gambling Prohibition Act immediately!,” he added, requesting the TN Governor to approve the bill immediately.

His son Anbumani Ramadoss has also criticized the Governor for not approving the bill and pressed of the increasing suicide rates due to people losing money on online gambling.

Anbumani also recently urged Chief Minister M K Stalin to get Governor’s assent for the Tamil Nadu Prohibition of Online Gambling and Regulation of Online Games Bill, 2022.

He said, “Online gambling has turned into a killer. In the last one and a half year, as many as 37 persons have committed suicide after losing their money in online gambling. Five persons have ended their lives in the last 15 days itself.”