Tamil Nadu: BJP state head reiterates they are against online rummy

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According to the state head of BJP in Tamil Nadu, K Annamalai, the party opposes online rummy. Annamalai has also requested that the online gaming bill Governor returned to be made public.

The party leader met with the media in Coimbatore. When asked about Governor RN Ravi’s return to the online gambling ban law, he said that the BJP opposes online rummy. Even when I last saw Governor RN Ravi, I begged him to look into the problem of online rummy. The governor claims that the law banning online rummy has an error.

On October 19 last year, the Tamil Nadu government passed a bill outlawing online gaming called the Tamil Nadu Prohibition of Online Gambling & Regulation of Online Games Bill.

The Governor has previously approved an emergency ordinance banning online gaming in Tamil Nadu. After that, the government submitted a bill to the Legislative Assembly and formed the online gaming ban bill.

The bill was sent again to the Governor for his assent, but the Governor has been holding on to his consent for the bill for the last four months. In this instance, Governor RN Ravi has requested explanations on the measure for the second time.

The governor’s requests for explanations have previously received a proper response from the Tamil Nadu government; therefore, the bill’s rejection and further queries are a surprise.

As a result, the online gaming ban bill may be amended by the Legislature. Although, the Governor might be forced to decide if the government delivers an identical bill once more.

Annamalai said, “the Governor will be forced to consent according to the Constitution. It is impossible for the Governor to not sign for a second time.” Yet, under the same Act, the Governor will appeal it to the Supreme Court or the High Court.

The Governor believes that he shouldn’t be pressured into passing a fictitious law due to the incorrect statute of limitations to please anyone. The redirected bill should be made available to the public.