Taxation minister to set-up meeting with church leaders to discuss Meghalaya Gaming Act, 2021

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A meeting between taxation minister James K Sangma and Church leaders of Khasi Jaintia Christian Leaders Forum (KJCLF) is planned after Sangnam informed that the department would set up a meeting to discuss concerns and issues regarding the Meghalaya gaming act 2021.

Sangma said to reporters, “I think it is very important for us as the government to listen to any voice of concern that comes up by any group which represents the Church, and I would like to inform you that we will set up a meeting to discuss the issue with them and to see how we can take things forward.” Sangnam earlier said, “the question of repealing the act does not arise at all, and the casinos need to be regulated whether we start new ones or not.”

A few days earlier, the KJCLF organized a prayer meeting urging all Christian groups to spread the message in their areas for the welfare of society and the state. KJCLF have been opposing the act for a long time, claiming the gaming act is necessary to repeal  for the bright future of youth in the state.

The act was introduced to regulate casinos and to stop minors from partaking in these activities while also creating revenue for the government, but many locals have started opposing the gaming act claiming it will be a bad influence on people. A Joint Action Committee Against Casinos (JACAC) was also formed, opposing the gaming act and demanding that the government repeal the act as soon as possible.

JACAC has also planned many campaigns across different locations in the state against the gaming act with the support of locals. MLA of Nongkrem, Lambor Malngiang, has supported this by saying, “The idea of having casinos was never discussed in the Cabinet. Then why do you have to insert the word casino in the Gaming Act”.