How To Play Poker: Basic Tutorial, Rules, Options and Hand Rankings Explained

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Due to the advent of online poker, it has become one of the most popular card games in the world, but there are so many different forms of poker that it can be intimidating to a newcomer. Poker is a game of skill and is legal in most Indian states. However, readers are advised to check local laws to ensure online poker is not in violation of the laws in the state they reside in.  In this post, G2G explains to you how to play Texas Holdem, one of the most popular poker varieties, by introducing you to the general ideas that unify all kinds of poker.

How To Play Poker – Basic Concepts

Hand rankings in poker

  • All poker games are based on standard poker hand rankings, which are used to determine which player’s hand wins the game.
  • Some poker game variants will employ the standard hand ranking in unusual ways, such as making the lowest-value hand the most desirable (low-ball poker).


  • By bluffing your opponents, you may win poker hands without having the greatest hand.
  • Bluffing is projecting confidence in your hand by betting in a way that makes it appear better than it is, in the hopes that your opponents would believe you and fold rather than risk a showdown with you.

Forced Bets

  • The ante, often known as the blind, is a mandatory stake placed at the start of each hand in most types of poker. A small blind and a large blind are common in many variations of the game, with the latter being roughly double the size of the former.

The Dealer

  • The job of the dealer is to control the sequence in which the blinds are placed up and players make their bets whether you’re playing physical poker at home, in a brick-and-mortar casino, or online. The game is normally played clockwise, beginning with the dealer.
  • Since the dealer in both physical and online casinos is usually not one of the players, a token is used to indicate which player is the notional dealer for each hand. The clockwise rotation continues from one hand to the next.

What Is The Rankings Of Poker Hands – What Beats What In Poker

  • You must master the rankings of poker hands from best to worst whether you play live at your local casino or the card room, at home, or online.

The greatest possible hand in Texas Holdem is a royal flush, which is made up of tens, jacks, queens, kings, and aces of the same suit.

Straight Flush: Five consecutive cards of the same suit

Four of a kind: Any four cards with the same numerical value.

Full house: When you have three of a type and a pair in the same hand, you have a full house.

Flush: Any arrangement of five cards of the same suit

Straight: A sequence of five cards of any suit.

Three of a kind: Any three cards with the same numerical value.

Two pairs: On the same hand, two separate pairs.

One pair: any two cards with the same numerical value.

High card: The highest-ranking card in your hand with Ace being the highest and two being the lowest.

How To Bet In Poker?

The first round of betting begins after the required bets. Depending on their confidence in their hand, players might choose from the following betting possibilities.

Call:Matching or raising another player’s wager

Raise:In the same betting round, increase the size of your current wager.

Fold:To leave the hand and forfeit any wagers already placed.

Check: Players might opt to check until the first wager in a round of betting is placed (decline to make a bet while reserving the right to bet later in the round).

All In: A player can play all of their remaining chips if they don’t have enough to call a bet. Following that, betting takes place in a side pot, and the all-in player can only win the number of chips in the pot in any future showdown if they went all-in.

How Do The Rounds Work In Poker?

Each round of betting in poker gives you the opportunity to use the betting based on your confidence in your hand and your assessment of the quality of your opponents’ cards. The latter may be determined mostly by looking at how much money they are betting or raising. At least one round of betting is required in all varieties of poker, and the great majority need two.

These rounds normally take place before and after game events such as the flop in Texas Holdem, and they allow players to strategise as to the hand proceeds. Texas Holdem and Omaha, both known as ‘community card’ games, can have up to four betting rounds.

Step By Step Process Of One Game Of Poker

Here’s how you play a game of poker in a step-by-step process (Texas Holdem).

Each participant is dealt two cards by the dealer.

The small blind is first, then the large blind.

Players bet according to their confidence in their hands in the first round of betting.

Three ‘community cards’ are dealt face up by the dealer.

The second betting round has begun.

The fourth community card, often called the turn, is dealt by the dealer.

The third betting round has begun.

The fifth community card, often called the river, is dealt by the dealer.

The last betting round begins.

All remaining players display their cards if two or more players haven’t folded yet.

According to the poker hand rankings, the winner has the best hand.

What Is The Betting Structure In Poker? Is There A Betting Limit In Poker?

In poker, betting may be arranged in a number of different ways. In online poker lobbies, the three structures indicated below are the most prevalent and are frequently listed with the type of poker.

Pot Limit (PL): A player may bet or raise any amount up to the size of the whole pot.

Fixed limit (FL): Betting and raising are limited to certain sums

No limit (NL):When it’s their turn to gamble, a player can bet all of their chips.