Natural8 introduces fund raiser campaign to help India fight against Covid-19

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As the second wave of COVID-19 has increased the number of cases and deceased in India, people from around the world are extending their help to India. One of Asia’s online poker room, Natural8, has stepped up to the task as they launched its “Unite To Fight Covid-19 Fundraising Campaign”  to raise funds for those in need in India. 

The online operator’s website propagating on, “Choose to donate with Natural8 and we will DOUBLE YOUR DONATION.”  Which means for every dollar contributed by the players, Natural8 will match it with another dollar. Not only that, every player donating $1 and above will receive a ticket to an Exclusive Flipout.

The site has urged its player base to donate the cause and further the contributions will provide aid in the form of medicine, oxygen, and other essential items to fight against COVID-19.

The main objectives of Natural8`s campaign are:

> To create awareness about the crisis in India

> To raise $100,000 or more, which will be donated to CryptoRelief, a community-run fund working towards COVID-19 relief

Interested ones can donate, by visiting Natural8 ‘s official website. 

There are many ways to contribute.

– Make a P2P Transfer* to [email protected]

– Contact Natural8’s 24/7 Live Support at

– Email the site at [email protected], if you would like to make a donation

As per their official blog announcement all donation are legitimate and will be published for total transparency, and people can track their own donation using the unique transaction ID by checking the donations List under fundraising goals on the site. The donations will be anonymous and can only be identified via the unique transaction ID