Pokerbaazi partners with Shark Tank and DMRC to promote gaming awareness and accessibility

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PokerBaazi, a real money gaming platform, has started a series of initiatives aimed at reshaping consumer attitudes towards the popular card game.

Varun Ganjoo, CMO & co-founder of Baazi Games, the parent company of PokerBaazi, highlighted the brand’s commitment to positioning poker in the right light. He emphasized that while poker is a game of skill, the key lies in effectively communicating this to the audience through various media channels.

As per the Registrar of Companies, PokerBaazi has witnessed growth, evidenced by an increase in revenue, totaling Rs. 232 crore for the fiscal year concluding in March 2023.

As reported by Afaqs, Ganjoo disclosed that the brand allocates a portion of its revenue, approximately 15-20%, to marketing efforts, highlighting its dedication to promoting the game and its platforms. PokerBaazi contributes to a substantial 85% of the company’s revenue, with the remaining 15% generated from other platforms.

One of PokerBaazi’s partnerships is with the reality show “Shark Tank India.” The platform transitioned from being second-tier sponsors to becoming top category co-presenting sponsors in the third edition of the show. This status resulted in increased visibility, frequency, and integrations, leading to a surge in viewer engagement.

PokerBaazi introduced the “PokerBaazi Zone,” where the show’s host interacts with participants, presenting them with entry tickets to the National Poker Series as a token of appreciation.

Ganjoo also highlighted the alignment between Shark Tank and PokerBaazi’s objectives, highlighting the synergies between entrepreneurship and poker, both of which develop decision-making skills.

The company has expanded its reach through collaborations with digital platforms, recognizing the shift in consumption patterns towards online mediums. This focus on engaging digital users has been effective, as evidenced by an increase in traffic and other metrics.

The company has undertaken initiatives to establish a long-term presence, including branding partnerships with the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation. By associating its brand with metro stations in Delhi.

Ganjoo emphasized the importance of maintaining belief and trust in these initiatives, acknowledging that meaningful transformation requires consistent effort and long-term commitment.

PokerBaazi has made a partnership with the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) to brand three key metro stations in Delhi: Arjan Garh, Ghitroni, and Sultanpur.

Ganjoo said, “Delhi Metro stands as an esteemed and attention-grabbing asset, with these stations situated along the busiest routes in South Delhi, catering to relevant audience segments.”

A primary objective of this collaboration is to establish a lasting presence encouraging a natural association between the brand and these locations. Ganjoo highlighted that this evolution will take time, requiring sustained belief and trust in these initiatives over an extended period.

In March 2024, PokerBaazi successfully hosted the fourth edition of the National Poker Series (NPS), graced by the presence of former Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh to honor the winners.

The company also partnered with PokerGO to deliver global poker content to India in Hindi, aiming to boost awareness of the game and provide users with access to content featuring the world’s top poker players. 

In January 2024, Google changed its rules to let real-money gambling apps be on its Play Store. Before, the user had to get them straight from the game’s website.

Ganjoo said, “In terms of poker, it is a sport even within real money gaming, globally it has taken the lion’s share. So the golden period for poker is truly going to be here now in India.”