Shah Rukh Khan, A23 release new ad for online poker platform

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Online poker platform A23 once again has teamed up with Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan (SRK) for their latest campaign. The campaign is an addition to A23’s new slogan titled “Poker Khelne Wale Dikhate Nahi”.

In the latest campaign, SRK is seemingly in a clutch situation among gangsters along with his partner. The campaign is a clever mix-up of terms used in poker or other card games like ‘Bluff’, ‘Two of a Kind’, etc. which were used in a creative manner.

At the end of the campaign, his partner asks what was going on in his mind during the intense situation. SRK reveals that he had poker on his mind at the time. At the end, he tells that those who play poker do not reveal anything before going all in.

SRK has already been a long-standing partner of A23 and was seen in earlier campaigns for the gaming company. He previously did “Chalo Saath Khelein” campaign and has also promoted responsible gaming with A23.

The new campaign however comes right before the government’s plan to increase the GST for online real money gaming along, casinos and horse racing. As per Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, the effective date of implementation of the new GST regime is October 1.

SRK faces backlash from public over poker promotion

Most recently, SRK saw a little trouble over his endorsements for ‘Real Money Gaming’ platforms. The ‘Untouch India Foundation’ was not impressed with his decision to promote RMG and protested in front of his mansion. Police were deployed to remove people protesting in front of SRK’s house.

There is currently an ongoing debate about popular Bollywood celebrities and influencers promoting online gambling. Many celebrities usually promote addictive gaming platforms that cause financial harm to the youth. Many even compare skill games with gambling despite Supreme Court ruling them as legal business activity.