Medical student commits suicide after losing money in online rummy

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A medical college student in Chennai committed suicide after losing money in online rummy reported Asianet news. The incident once again brings into light the increasing number of online gambling cases following a court ruling that excluded rummy and poker from the Online Gambling Prohibition Act.

Dhanush, the deceased was a 23-year-old third-year student at a private medical college in Avadi, Chennai. He took his own life after losing money in online rummy. According to News9live, Dhanush had lost money and asked his father for Rs. 24,000 to recover his losses. His father, unable to provide the full amount, gave him only Rs. 4,000.

It is believed that Dhanush was distressed and went to his room with the Rs. 4,000 and hanged himself. His family later found the body and informed the police. The police arrived at the scene, recovered Dhanush’s body, and sent it to Stanley Government Hospital for a post-mortem examination. They also seized his cell phone for investigation.

There have been several such incidents since the Madras High Court’s ruling on November 10 last year, which stated that the Online Gambling Prohibition Act does not apply to skill-based games like rummy and poker. Since this ruling, there have been numerous online gambling incidents in Tamil Nadu. The state government has filed an appeal against the verdict in the Supreme Court, but the case has not yet been scheduled for trial.

Political leader Anbumani Ramadoss has been urging the Tamil Nadu government to expedite the trial by putting pressure on the Supreme Court. He has called for swift action to address the growing issue of online gambling and prevent further incidents like Dhanush’s tragic death.