RummyCulture unveils Trust Report to enhance transparency and fair play, promises monthly release

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Gameskraft has recently unveiled a Trust Report for its online rummy platform, RummyCulture. The report aims to provide an in-depth analysis of the platform’s fair play practices, player support initiatives, and safety measures. It offers statistical insights across various categories of play and outlines actions taken to address user complaints. Gameskraft has committed to releasing this report monthly on the RummyCulture website.

The real money gaming (RMG) industry has encountered hurdles related to user trust stemming from regulatory ambiguities and prevailing negative perceptions. The report is intended to contribute towards public confidence and dispelling misconceptions.

The December 2023 RummyCulture Trust Report reveals several statistics. In terms of fair play, 1,484 players were blocked for violations, while less than 900 games were canceled due to such infractions. Players reported 88 instances of fair play violations, with less than 10% of reports deemed valid for action, and a turnaround time of less than 1 hour for resolving such issues. Additionally, 36 players received assistance from ‘Your Dost,’ an independent third-party online counselor.

Customer support handled 56,742 calls, with a 95% of complaints addressed and resolved in under 30 minutes, resulting in a high Customer Support Satisfaction Score (CSAT) of 95%. The average withdrawal processing time was 4 seconds.

Divya Alok, Co-Founding Member of Gameskraft, emphasizes that the Trust Report to be a testament to the strong relationship the platform has built with its users, aiming to assure them of the company’s dedication to safeguarding their interests.