ACMA writes to Curaçao over Australian gambling firms operating illegally

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The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) recently wrote to the Curaçao Ministry of Finance asking for their help in tackling illegal offshore gambling firms that are operating in the country.

According to reports, the regulator wrote to Curaçao’s Finance Minister Javier Silvania to draw attention to the ongoing gaming changes and to seek action. As of now five master licences are currently available out of which four are issued. Although, all operators will have to reapply for licences that will be granted by newly formed Curaçao Gambling Authority (CGA).

As of now, these master licence holders were found to be breaching the Australian laws and providing gambling services to Australian customers. Silvania said that having information on these operators may be relevant to CGA’s assessment of the suitability of a gaming operator to hold a licence under Curaçao reformed regulatory regime, according to SBC News.

Australia is already cracking down these offshore illegal websites and blocking their websites with the help of Australian internet service providers (ISPs). As of now, the ACMA have blocked over 700 websites with the most recent ban wave occurring earlier in May.

‘We are continuing to explore further regulatory collaboration’ – ACMA

Since most of the gambling firms are licensed overseas and looking at the ‘global nature of online gambling’ which makes it challenging to enforce proper laws on them, the ACMA is aiming engaging with the international regulators to resolve the issue.

The letter quoted, “We are continuing to explore further regulatory collaboration with overseas gambling regulators and would welcome any opportunity to engage with CGA once established, to share information or coordinate against the provision of online gambling services in breach of Australian laws.”

Even the licensed operators are being fined heavily in case of a violation in regard to gambling practices or advertisements while the companies operating without licences are outright banned from offering sports betting.


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