Australia: ACMA requests ISPs to block three more illegal offshore gambling websites

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Australian internet service providers (ISPs) have been asked to block three more illegal betting websites by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) for violating interactive gambling laws.

The ACMA started making blocking requests for illegal gambling websites since November 2019 and so far 747 illegal gambling and affiliate websites have been blocked, reports Asia Gaming Brief. Shady policies and lack of proper customer protections of these websites were the reasons for the requests.

Latest illegal gambling websites blocked include Vave, Highway Casino and Online Casinos Australia. Blocking is the best and most common way to prevent people from accessing such websites. They usually have fake testimonials or paid advertisements from celebrities so that they seem legitimate. It is one of the common ways to lure in more potential users.

In November last year as well, the ACMA requested ISPs to block nine offshore gambling websites for the same reasons. The ACMA usually comes up with a list of websites to block every few months and requests the ISPs to block them.

This year in March, another eight websites were added to the list with ACMA reminding the public saying, “even if a service looks legitimate, it’s unlikely to have important customer protections. This means Australians who use illegal gambling services risk losing their money.”

A similar approach is also being taken by the Indian government to make the illegal offshore gambling websites inaccessible as they are plaguing the online gaming sector. These websites do not have companies registered in India, no office locations, and most importantly as a result, do not pay taxes in the country.

Despite the ban, many of these websites start to use mirror domains and become accessible again. They use surrogate websites and celebrity endorsements to lure in potential customers. The government is constantly looking for ways to stop their operations in the country.