BGMI releases first episode for ‘India Ki Heartbeat’ on YouTube

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With the countrywide unban of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), Krafton has launched the first episode of ‘India Ki Heartbeat’ on their official YouTube channel celebrating their game being made available again for the Indian audience.

Teaser for the episode had already been revealed a few days earlier, but viewers can now watch the full episode of how the game inspired the players in India and left its mark on the gaming community in a country of 1.5 billion people.

Watch the episode here – 

The series focuses on how the game has changed people’s lives across the country and has enabled them to follow their passion. From casual to esports players everyone has found their way to enjoy the game be it with friends or competing with professional teams at national level.

People with different gender, profession, and nature are depicted enjoying the game equally without differentiating between anyone. Most of the time, players are introduced to the game through friends who then went on to make many more friends while playing the game.

The game also gave many players their break towards a professional career, be it esports or video game streaming and helped them earn a living while doing what they love. Speaking of love, the episode also included Aman, a player who found his passion and love while playing BGMI.

It also featured Nikhil (ADNGamingYT) from Mangaldoi who lost his arms limbs in a fire accident. After struggling a while, Nikhil found his passion for BGMI but since he does not have limbs he uses his tongue to play the game. Nikhil received a lot of praise from top streamers who watched his content were impressed.

Along with the update, player can also get voice packs for three of the most popular BGMI players in India, these are Thug, Mortal and Vaadhiyaar. The voice lines for these players can be downloaded and used through the in-game quickchat menu.