Call of Duty Modern Warfare III confirmed for November 10 launch

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Activision has announced Call of Duty Modern Warfare III along with its release date of November 10. The game will be a direct sequel to 2022’s Modern Warfare II. Currently, only the teaser is out, and full announcement is expected soon.

While the game is from one of the most popular franchises in gaming history, there seems to be some concerns rising among fans as according to a previous Bloomberg report, Activision was planning to delay the next COD game after Modern Warfare II till 2024.

Modern Warfare II was going to receive another full year of support which might still be the case, but with the announcement of Modern Warfare III, the number of people working on it would probably be affected.

The delay was made in order to give fans a full COD experience that is not lacking in anything while keeping the workload on developers minimum. The upcoming COD is coming just after a year which have fans worried about the quality of the game.

The older Modern Warfare trilogy was one of the best known games made which ended on solid terms. Several of the fans were not too stoked with the announcement of Modern Warfare 2019 reboot but the game changes directions and is now telling the story differently.

What people don’t like is that Activision usually forgets everything about the online aspect of the old game and all the players that spent money on these games in a few years.

The games are purchased by the players for full price and even have in-game transactions. While these weapon skins are usable in their Battle Royale game Warzone, they are not transferable to the new COD game.

While it is quite possible that the company might change direction and improve a lot with the upcoming game, the current ear of live service games does not seem very good as most of the games are released unfinished with a DRM that requires constant internet connection to play.