Counter-Strike accounts for 56% esports betting as per new Abios Report

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Abios, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kambi and a provider of esports odds, has recently released a 2023 leaderboard incorporating data and insights from the Kambi Network. This leaderboard focuses on essential esports titles, leagues, and markets, providing information based on betting turnover in 2023. Abios Founders Oskar Bonnevier Fröberg and Anton Janér, along with Niclas Sundell, Abios’ Head of Sales, share actionable insights in the report.

Significant growth has been observed in major esports titles throughout 2023. League of Legends, for instance, witnessed a 25% year-over-year growth, reaching 6.4 million in peak viewership. Additionally, Counter-Strike achieved notable milestones with a peak of 1.8 million concurrent players in 2023, setting records tied to their player base ahead of the release of CS2.

Esports betting has also gained momentum, especially with Counter-Strike. Abios has published an esports betting report titled “Abios Leaderboard 2023,” presenting statistics and insights on betting trends across the Kambi Network. The report emphasizes Counter-Strike’s dominant position in betting, providing further insights into popular bet offers, geographical preferences for esports titles, and more.

Oskar Fröberg, founder and CEO of Abios, remarked on the release, stating, “Abios’ ambition remains to facilitate the growth of esports. We release insights and data like this to strengthen decision-makers and leaders looking to enter or make sense of esports.” Niclas Sundell, Abios’ Head of Sales, added, “As esports continues to mature and become an integrated part of any modern online sports betting offering, it is essential for sportsbooks and other industry leaders to understand what products and services esports fans are looking for. Abios Leaderboard 2023 outlines how Counter-Strike dominates the esports betting scene while highlighting betting habits across games, markets, and regions.”