EA and Criterion Games reveal details about new Need For Speed game

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Electronic Arts (EA) is set to release yet another Need For Speed (NFS) game developed by Criterion, the same studio that made NFS Most Wanted 2012.

NFS franchise is one the most famous racing games line-up players loved since the release of the first game in 1994, but the real fame for the game started with the release of NFS Most Wanted, released in 2005.

The reveal of the new NFS game taking place on youtube is to be announced on 6 October 2022, and fans are really hyped and hopeful for the game after the bizarre situation of FIFA. Although a prominent Twitter has leaked the new game’s name, Wario64 is believed to be NFS Unbound.

There are 23 other NFS titles, with the reveal making it 24. The reveal will take place at 8:30 PM IST and is also expected to be a next-gen gaming title with improved visual graphics. The game’s main theme is somewhat similar to the graffiti-style green color, and all of the other games in the NFS have been updated to match the color theme of the upcoming game.

There has been no other news from EA or Criterion games about the details except the reveal date and place, so it is expected to be a full reveal about the game with every detail.

The last game in the series NFS Heat was released in 2019, and the other NFS Most Wanted 2012 (not to be confused with NFS Most Wanted 2005) developed by Criterion was really successful and gathered a lot of praise from the players around the world, and once again players hope to experience another brilliant racing game.

EA has been known to make several blunders in their game releases recently, but all of the NFS games have been very well received during release, and similar success is also expected for the upcoming NFS title.